We want your DJ mixes!

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As always, we are looking for new content to add to our Auto-DJ roster! Please read the “requirements” below, and submit any and all mixes to [email protected] with the subject line of “Mix Submission – DJ ?? – Genre”

1. Mix must be an EDM genre or sub-genre we host.
( Trance and it’s sub-genres, House and it’s sub-genres, Bass Music, DnB/Breaks, & all variations of Hard Dance)
2. Mix must be AT LEAST 30 minutes in length.
3. Mix must be BEATMATCHED and phrased properly. (Don’t know what that means? Google it and adjust your mixing accordingly)
—NOTE: All mixes are previewed before being added to the rotation—
4. File(s) must be in mp3 format, encoded at 128 kbps. (it makes no sense to send us 320’s or AIFF/FLAC when we only stream at 128kbps.)
5. Preferred link methods: Dropbox, Soundcloud download, or Google Drive.
6. Again, if your mix meets the above requirements, please send your mix to pro[email protected]

We look forward to having you be a vital part in helping us accomplish our mission. Thank you and happy mixing!!!